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Gnana Sambandha Upaathiyaayar (20th Cent.)

Birth Place  : SuLipuram in ILa Naadu; was lived in Thirunelveli.

Father   :   Selvanaayaka Chettiyaar; Saivar

      He was a scholar of Arumuganaavalar; good at learning the works of Kanthapuranam; Periyapuranam and instructed it to others. Moreover, he was a great orator and poet.

Works  : Maa Nikka piLLaiyaar Thiruvarutpaa, Kathirkaamavelar Thiruvarutpaa, Unique songs (Thanip paadal).

Translated by :    R. Nithya Sathiyaraj
Source: Biographical Dictionary of Tamil Men of  Letters (Tamil)

Gnana kuuthar (16th C)

Place: Viirasaivar; VeNpaakam in Thondi Naadu..

           He is one of the scholar of  Nirambavalakiyar Desikar.

Works: ThiruvaiyaaRu puraaNam; Sepaesar puraaNam.

 ThiruvaiyaaRu puraanam: This is otherwise called as panjaNathipuraaNam. But, it seems to be different from aiyaaRRu puraaNam. It consists of 12 viruthaas apart frame foreword (Paayiram). Moreover, comprised of 437 Thiruviruthaas including foreword..

Gnanakootha Sivaprakasha Desikar (17th C)

Lived: Sivan paakkam.

           He was a saiva ascetic; got a second award in Thuraiyur Sivaprakasha Desikar monastery; specialized in Grammar and Literature.

Works: Virudhachala puraanam; Thiruvidaimaruthura puraanam.

 Virudhachala puraanam: It comprised of 435 prose piece, enunciated the greatness of multi - mountains of Virudhachalam.

 Translated by :    R. Nithya Sathiyaraj
Source: Biographical Dictionary of Tamil Men of  Letters (Tamil)

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