Friday, June 29, 2018

Life is a Game

Life is a Game,
                ……… Enjoy it!
                ……… Play it!
                ……… Win it!

“Love yourself,
   All the great things Love you”

“Delete your enemy list,
By adding friendship with them”

“Think all of them are your BROTHERS and SISTERS,
Then it will be very easy to lead a LIFE”

“Always think about your ambition that will help you to reach your goal”

“A simple man can achieve all the great things in their life……….”

“Happiness and Sorrows is the part of our life,
  Don’t show partiality among them”

  Life is a one- time journey!
  Travel it with full of happiness!

“Smile is the energy tonic for every disease”

“Appearance will change at any time but the talent remains as it is,
   Till the end of our life”

“Inspire everyone with your Activity
  Not with your Beauty”

“Spread happiness around the world”

“A man without an aim is like a butterfly without its wings”

“Everyone should make your name as a history in this world”

“Make a unique identity of you”

“Don’t any task with INTEREST,
  Not with PRESSURE”

“Keep your THOUGHTS high
  That makes you to reach high”


S -> Self- confidence
U -> Unique
C -> Courageous
C -> Competitor
E -> Energy
S -> Strive
S -> Smile

“Creative and innovative ideas comes from the power of thinking capacity”

“The word interest makes you to be an Everest”

“Satisfaction makes your life Peaceful and Colorful”

“Failure is the beginning,
  Due to hard work, Success will overtake failure”

“Mistakes will teach you many lessons”

“Mistakes is not a mistake,
  It gives an opportunity to correct you from that mistake”

“Close your eyes to create a dream,
  Open your eyes to get your dream success”

“Fashion makes you beauty
  Passion makes your life beauty”

“Thoughts give Creativity,
  Creativity gives Knowledge,
  Knowledge gives Power,
  Power gives Strength,
  Strength makes you a GREAT PERSON”

Assistant professor
Dept. of Information technology
JP College of Arts and Science, Agarakattu, Tenkasi.

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