Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gnana Sambandha Upaathiyaayar (20th Cent.)

Birth Place  : SuLipuram in ILa Naadu; was lived in Thirunelveli.

Father   :   Selvanaayaka Chettiyaar; Saivar

      He was a scholar of Arumuganaavalar; good at learning the works of Kanthapuranam; Periyapuranam and instructed it to others. Moreover, he was a great orator and poet.

Works  : Maa Nikka piLLaiyaar Thiruvarutpaa, Kathirkaamavelar Thiruvarutpaa, Unique songs (Thanip paadal).

Translated by :    R. Nithya Sathiyaraj
Source: Biographical Dictionary of Tamil Men of  Letters (Tamil)

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